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Have you ever eaten in a restaurant that does all it’s cooking on a wood fire? No gas burners at all? That’s the Figidini way, and it sounds amazing! Pizzas, small plates, grilled vegetables and meats, all coming to the Biltmore Garage this spring.

Ellie's Bakery

The first business to open at the new Biltmore Garage, Ellie’s Bakery has been welcomed by the neighborhood with open arms. This intimate bakery is inspired by the Parisian lifestyle, serving homemade breakfast pastries, amazing breakfast sandwiches, and coffees and teas, why go anywhere else in the morning? And if you’re hungry for lunch, they have you covered too with sandwiches made from the best ingredients, on fresh homemade breads, and wrapped and ready to go.

Downcity Outfitters

Downcity Outfitters is a place where style meets function and where quality is second to none. We bring locally crafted goods together with other premium and exclusive products from all over the world. True craftsmanship speaks for itself and can never be fabricated. With every brand we carry in Downcity Outfitters we keep this message in the forefront of our minds. The integrity of our products is engrained in to every fiber of the Downcity Outfitters experience.

Ken's Ramen

Providence's Very Own Artisanal Ramen Noodle Bar.